Do you Propose on Twitter?

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With social networking, the opportunity to get a hold of love has broadened to a variety of flavors, including Twitter, myspace, Instagram, Skype and now also Vine – a six-second video clip you are able to upload from your new iphone utilizing the Vine application.

Are typical these electronic options confusing?

To some, they are perplexing. But to my friends Marsha Collier and Curt Buthman, they redefined the definition of of social media involvement when Curt proposed matrimony to Marsha during the woman weekly Twitter cam the world to see.

However, she said yes.

For a few which initially linked from nationally on Twitter in Oct of 2010, this marriage offer was actually the digital equivalent of asking you to definitely wed them on a Jumbotron at a sporting occasion.

Curt created the Twitter hashtag of #WillYouMarryMe so that the Twitterverse could proceed with the conversation and chime in with heartfelt congratulations.


“slipping in love on social media is

one thing romantics must not exclude.”

Inquiring somebody out or slipping in love on social networking is a thing every optimistic intimate shouldn’t exclude.

Certain, most of us wish to satisfy some body naturally out and about, but in my opinion on the web daters should develop their zip requirements and cast a wide web to help keep all their choices open.

Making use of resources instance video chat and Skype can boost your commitment plus make us feel secure your electronic big date is which she or he says they’ve been.

Without social networking, both of these Tweethearts will have never satisfied.

Exactly how did this digital courtship evolve?

After Curt and Marsha connected on Twitter, they met face-to-face three weeks later on at BlogWorld, a social mass media conference. I found myself indeed there to witness their own very first go out and saw their own relationship flower.

Luckily, their particular online chemistry utilized in offline biochemistry. Two months later on after day-to-day Skype dates, Curt flew from North Carolina to Ca for any getaways to see if their connection had just what it took commit the exact distance.

Months afterwards, he relocated to Ca become together with Twitter really love with his popular Twitter/Vine marriage offer took place recently.

The two intend on incorporating Twitter as part of their own marriage adult dating service and were overwhelmed using the outpouring of love as their wedding suggestion moved viral around the globe.

Is it possible you be ready to discover love on Facebook or Twitter? Might you suggest towards spouse making use of social networking?

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